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The Challenge Bank is like a bridge between students' ideas, wishes, ambitions, business experience, needs, and the development of modern society.

STEP BY STEP | How innovation is made?

Submit your own or select one of the given tasks in the Idea Bank

Students choose and apply for the most suitable assignment

Applications are being evaluated

Students work together with mentors and the task giver on the development of the task

Solutions, research, prototypes, etc. presentation of reports and results is available in the Idea Bank

The Challenge Bank is a platform that:

  • Gathers creative, innovative and socially relevant needs that enable students to work on meaningful projects;
  • Strengthens cooperation between the University and the industry;
  • Accumulates and collects ideas and challenges of merchants and society, which are used within activities of the Innovation Laboratory and the Business Laboratory;
  • Ensures finance raising for the program of private funding.
We can already see the added value of cooperation between industry and students. It is a great opportunity to offer students to gain experience and understanding of the work for actual companies through the learning process and cooperation. We see that by participating in this program entrepreneurs can get an innovative point of view of their given challenges, they will be able to get to know their potential employees, and it is also a great opportunity to support and strengthen the higher education institution of the Vidzeme Region.
- Entrepreneurs CSDD and SIA SunGIS acknowledged at the opening event of the program

The Challange Bank and the VIPs project have been evaluated as  effective tools for developing innovation and building cooperation, which has already been confirmed by more than 30 partners from Latvian companies and organizations with their involvement or co-financing.



The team

We, the VIPs team, wholeheartedly believe in the power of young people, their relentless energy and creative spirit, which encourages them to achieve new goals and create innovations.

The Challange Bank is an opportunity for students to develop confidence in the limits of their true abilities.


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Content Project Manager

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Administrative Project Manager

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Ilze Ulmane

Project Coordinator

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Liene Goļča

Assistant Project Manager

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Līva Freidenfelde

Communication Specialist

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Communication Specialist

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Event Coordinator

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